Data Platform

The smart all-in-one platform that augments your data

Listening to your target becomes easier and easier, but are you really able to reuse the information you are collecting ?  

Oppchain Data Platform is an all-in-one plateform which takes you further in the analysis of your data through Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence. 

  • Predict precisely your future actions
  • Visualize your data and segment it easily with drag & drop functionalities
  • Satisfy your costumer’s needs in real time
  • Improve and personalize your communication 
  • Gather, stock and secure your data in one place 

All-in-one platform

Having a real feedback of your customers’ expectations and listening to their needs instantly is no longer inaccessible.

Neumann binds and stocks your data in a multidimensional way which gives you a considerable advantage over your competitors.

Regardless of your industry, whether it’s costumers, products, infrastructures, all your data is processed and attached to your ecosystem so you can measure accurately your performance and optimize instantly your strategy. 

Directly connected to Business Intelligence, based on Artificial Intelligence, your data is increased and measured according to a unique model operated by data scientists. 


Unique modules

Our tool offers you new perspectives with 4 interconnected components that will allow you to:

1. Collect, gather and consolidate your data flow easily and securely. 
2. Enrich your database with your own analytical models or ours according to your needs, and segment it in a unique way with the Augmented Customer Data Platform (ACDP).
3. Visualize your data and predict probabilities in just a few clicks.
4. Create the necessary actions, automate your marketing and personalize your message…
… On the same platform.
And we own our models  ->

Augmented Customer Data Platform

An omni-channel platform, revealing augmented data.

Duration – Intensity – Value

Three clients’ indicators that will allow you to predict your future actions in a flexible and fast way.

Neumann Performance Indicator

Visualize the performance of your entire services and its infrastructure with our unique indicators

Always be one step ahead of your audience

All the expertise of data in a single platform. Have a 360° view of your performance wherever your are and predict the future actions to engage with your targets.


BI/AI Expertise


360° View

Drag & Drop

A fast and functional implementation


Your data is secure and hosted on our single server, safe from indiscreet


We train your teams to adopt our solution for easy handling and total autonomy


Our teams are always on alert. We are responsive and able to respond to your problems in no time.

Because we know that a long commissioning can affect our competitiveness, we optimize the implementation of our solution in a flash time 


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