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Adapted solutions

The solutions we offer are suitable for organizations looking for flexible, easy-to-use technologies. You only pay for the resources you use, therefore reducing considerably expenses and operating costs.

Precise selection

We are selective and believe the best solutions on the market to are : proven, highly innovative and performing. Our efficient  and reliable methodology, allows us to propose reliable and expert innovation projects in their respective fields 


Complete accompaniment

We install the tools within your organization, we handle the transfer from one tool to another, including your data flow, and we manage maintenance and security in the short or long term, according to your needs. We are also engaged to work with your teams to train them to the solutions.


The solution you need for your hospital logistics

CSL Solution is a modular and interoperable unique tool to regulate all the logistical tasks to realize (requests and executions of tasks) between the various stakeholders. 

A software, unique and innovative due to its modularity, meeting the requirements of the GDPR and perfectly interoperable because it’s based on a standard communication protocol, the HL7.