Bring value to your business

The best of the technology to maximize individual and collective performance

h-Opp, is the association of two companies: h-Performance and Oppchain, united to meet the demand of organizations to give value to their employees by capitalizing on their strengths. 

Performance coaches and system engineers co-construct a tool to support people with passion and humility in the emergence of talent.

With h-Opp, coaching results are integrated into a digital application, a precision tool that facilitates access and sharing of human talent.


Along with you in this disruptive approach:

  • Your maps are accessible and can be shared according to different levels of granularity and according to everyone’s wishes
  • You visualize your data with a simple and seamless user experience
  • You improve the communication of the different actors of the organization
  • Your data are stored in a secure, reliable and DGPS compliant thanks to the blockchain



  • Manage internal mobility
  • Retain talent (merge and acquisition)
  • Accelerate a transformation process
  • Accompany a reorganization (departure / retirement)
  • Recruit the right person 
  •  Attract new talent
  • Boost creativity for innovation
  • Strengthen collaborative and participative work 
  • Prevent psychosocial risks (SQVT Standard) 

Why h-Opp?

Because it is sometimes difficult to assert your talents in a team, h-Opp allows managers to get to know better their employees and reveal their potential to increase productivity and goodwill.

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Platform for connecting carriers and e-merchants in a balanced ecosystem secured by the blockchain.


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