The marketplace of delivery service secured by the blockchain

O-LOGIK has been designed to meet several needs:

• To deal with traders challenges, faced with the hardships of costly last miles, which prevent them from increasing their profits.

• To enable carriers to optimize their load capacity and therefore, increase productivity while reducing CO2 emissions.

Oppchain has designed a decentralized platform connecting shippers and transport professionals without intermediaries to streamline trade, liberalize prices and deadlines and thus achieve a trust agreement between users.

Unique technology

Our solution uses blockchain technology to offer an efficient and secure service.

  • We’ve created our own cryptocurrency, Pearl©, the only payment method on O-LOGIK.
  • An integrated exchange system will allow the conversion of fiduciary money into tokens.
  • Our cryptocurrency is intended to promote the user experience on our platform.

A direct contact between traders & carriers

Our other products

IDEAL HR application

The unique application that allows you to reveal the talents of your team through a map realized from their values.

The decision-making power

A powerful all-in-one solution that cleans, collects, processes, exploits data and creates report with just a few clicks.