CSL Solutions


We have the ideal solution, adapted to the logistical problems of your structure.


The modular and interoperable solution for your hospital logistics.

A unique solution

CSL Solution is a unique collaborative tool to regulate all the logistical tasks to be performed (requests and tasks) between the various stakeholders.

Our software, unique and innovative because of its modularity, meets the requirements of the GDPR and is perfectly interoperable because based on a standard communication protocol : the HL7.

This proven solution has shown its positive impact in different institutions (ranging from 100 to more than 1000 beds):

  • optimizing the number of hospital staff travel by 72%;
  • enabling two understaffed services to optimize their resources without additional hiring;
  • reducing the time spent by caregivers on task management by 90%. This, in turn, increases the time spent on patients;
  • by reducing the time spent searching for equipment by 46%.

Customized modules


  • Summary and overview of logistics activities
  • Reduced time spent on task planning | Better patient care
  • Real-time monitoring by the health team of the progress of a task
  • 66% reduction in the risk of errors
  • Traceability of tasks between care and logistics teams
  • Piloting - Optimization of coordination and improvement of quality of care
  • Optimization of the logistics team's activity (reduction of waiting times and periods without activity, ...)
  • Reduced search time of equipment by 46%